Your Lake Tahoe Winter Resource Guide For 2023/2024

Your Lake Tahoe Winter Resource Guide For 2023/2024

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of winter in Lake Tahoe, we reflect on the remarkable snowfall that defined the previous season. Closing the chapter on the record-breaking snowfall of 2023, which secured its place as the second-snowiest winter recorded in the Sierra Nevada mountains by UC Berkeley's Central Sierra Snow Lab in the past 77 years, our excitement for the snowy adventures ahead is palpable.

With an impressive 580 inches of snow accumulated since October 1, 2023, last year's winter season has set the stage for what promises to be another unforgettable winter in Lake Tahoe. As winter enthusiasts gear up for thrilling ski escapades and cozy fireside moments, it's crucial to stay prepared for the practical challenges that abundant snowfall can bring, especially when it comes to snow removal for homeowners.

To assist you in preparing for the upcoming winter, here's a list of trusted vendors specializing in snow removal:

Check out the resources below for real-time updates on snow conditions and their impact on local travel:

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