The Best Schools In Lake Tahoe

The Best Schools In Lake Tahoe

Families interested in relocating to Lake Tahoe have some important decisions to make regarding education. There is a wide range of educational opportunities available around Lake Tahoe. Where are the best elementary and high schools in Lake Tahoe? Read on to discover more about the area, where the schools are, what paperwork you’ll need to fill out, and the school calendar dates.

Lake Tahoe is famous for its natural beauty, but if you’re thinking about moving to the area then you’ll have plenty of other things to consider besides the stunning scenery. If you have children then school quality will definitely be of interest. There is a wide range of educational opportunities available around Lake Tahoe. Let’s start with how many schools there are in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

How many schools are in Lake Tahoe?
There are many schools in Lake Tahoe; from elementary to high school. These include:

  • Saint Clare’s Tahoe Primary & Elementary
  • Incline Village Elementary School
  • Kings Beach Elementary
  • Glenshire Elementary
  • Saint Clare’s Adolescent
  • Lake Tahoe Preschool
  • Lake Tahoe School, Incline Village
  • Bijou Community School
  • Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet
  • Sierra House Elementary School
  • Tahoe Valley Elementary School
  • Tahoe Lake Elementary School
  • Sierra Expeditionary Learning School
  • Lake Tahoe Preparatory School
  • Alder Creek Middle School
  • South Tahoe Middle School
  • Incline Village Middle School
  • Incline Village High School
  • George Whitell High School
  • South Tahoe High School
  • North Tahoe High School
  • Tahoe Truckee High School, Truckee
  • Herlong High School, Herlong

There are also further two schools around 30 minutes drive from Lake Tahoe:

  • Sierra Lutheran High School, Carson City
  • Douglas High School, Minden

How many high schools are in Tahoe?

When it comes to Lake Tahoe High Schools, there are quite a few excellent schools dotted around the area. These include:

  • North Tahoe High, Tahoe City
  • Incline Village High School, Incline Village
  • Tahoe Truckee High School, Truckee
  • Herlong High School, Herlong
  • South Tahoe High School
  • George Whittell High School

How many elementary schools are in Lake Tahoe?

There are some excellent Lake Tahoe Elementary schools around the Lake Tahoe Basin area, with students often excelling the state averages for Math, English, and reading.

  • Saint Clare’s Tahoe Primary & Elementary – private tuition starts at $8,900 per year
  • Incline Village Elementary School – has 250 students with a very diverse student body of Hispanic, White, English Language Learners and disabled students.
  • Kings Beach Elementary – with 334 students and excellent reviews, Kings Beach Elementary is a fantastic school to consider.
  • Bijou Community – Located on the shores of Lake Tahoe, Bijou Community School has approximately 400 students.
  • Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet – Located in South Lake, this school of 376 students boasts above-average academic test scores.
  • Sierra House Elementary – With 467 students and test scores in line with state averages, Sierra House is a popular elementary school choice in Lake Tahoe.
  • Tahoe Valley Elementary – The 401 students at this school make average academic progress from one grade to the next compared to students from other schools in the state of California.
  • Tahoe Lake Elementary – has 241 students. The school scored 62% proficiency in math and 72% in reading.
  • Lake Tahoe School, Incline Village – this private school has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from parents and has 124 students.
  • Sierra Expeditionary Learning School – In 2015, the school earned EL Education school credentials, indicating high-performance status.

What school district is South Lake Tahoe in?

The school district in Lake Tahoe is called Lake Tahoe Unified School District. As a district, according to state test scores, 33% of students are proficient in math and 43% are proficient in reading. For more in-depth information, visit the Lake Tahoe Unified School District website at

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